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I grew up in the Beaverton area and attended Clackamas Community College where I completed a two-year program on Automotive Service Technology, learning the fine points of engine work and how to remove and reassemble mechanical components. After graduating, I worked as a wildland firefighter, and later, as a satellite installer, giving me valuable experience as a home servicer working directly with customers. When I was hired by a commercial garage door repair business, I learned right away how much experience matters, as every job requires a specific skill set and approach. The more knowledgeable I became of the repair industry, the more proficient I became in my work. In time, I decided to follow a dream and start my own garage door repair business, emphasizing high-quality, affordable parts and exceptional customer service. After 5 years of success, in 2022 I relocated to San Antonio, Texas. Ready to offer the same high quality in service and parts. Thank you for reading.  

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